Pet odor control

Guinea Pigs smells can cause odor issues.

Posted on: July 18, 2009

Activated charcoal works great for this odor.

Activated charcoal works great for this odor.

Guinea Pigs are so cute, round, furry and smelly. Guinea Pig odor or the cage odor can come  from several sources.  The cage, the Guinea Pig, it’s  food or it’s poop.  If the Guinea Pig and the cage area kept clean then the odors are most likely coming from the Guinea Pig food or some fur type odors that  pets like this create.   

We recommend that you use an activated charcoal odor absorber like Innofresh.   They have a Pet version made for these types of odors and will work  well.  You should notice the odor level down in  a few hours. The activated charcoal odor absorber traps the Guinea Pig odor in the pores of the absorber and you have a good  odor free smell again.  It lasts up to 4 months.

If the odor is strong you may need to use a couple around the outside of the cage.  Do not put them in the cage.  The odor absorber is fragrance free, non toxic, but the Guinea Pig may try to eat it if in the cage, so  they should not get near it, so they cannot try to eat it.

This is a link to a good website to order odor absorbers for Guinea Pig pets: They have good information on how this activated charcoal odor absorbing process works and why.


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