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If you are looking for a natural odor control for your rabbits cage, here’s the scoop.  You need to check out what kind of odor is it. Rabbitodor, as well as bunny, hamster or gerbil and ferret cage odor can come from 4 sources. The cage, the rabbit or animal itself, it’s food or it’s poop.

If the rabbit is clean, and the cage is kept clean from waste, the odors are coming from their food or general odors that pets like these create.

Activated charcoal odor absorber like Innofresh are made for these types of odors and will work well for those odor types. You should notice the smell clear and big difference very quickly. This is because the activated charcoal odor absorber traps the odor in the pores of the absorber and then you have a good smell again around the cage.

It lasts up to 4 months. If the odor is strong you may need to use a couple around the outside of the cage. Do not put them in the cage. The odor absorber is non toxic,  and fragrance free, but the rabbit may try to eat it if places in the cage and they should not get near it so they cannot try to eat it.

This is a link to a good website to order odor absorbers for pets.  They have good information on how the activated charcoal odor absorbing process works on pet cages and why.

Innofresh Pet odor absorber

Innofresh Pet odor absorber

 Innofresh makes a great product for odor control. Innofresh Pet Odor absorber, It is fragrance free and eliminates pet odors.  it is for litter box, and other small cage animals.  It last up to 4 months and uses activated charcoal filter to trap odors.  It easily clips to the litter tray. It is not messy can cannot spill or stain.  It is non toxic and is great for hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, birds, crabs, reptile cages and tanks.  The best part it is fragrance free.  it is made in the USA and you can get it on line at : offer available.    Enter promotional code BK309A when ordering to receive your automatic 10% discount at checkout.

How do I get rid of pet odor?  This search for odor absorbers comes in many forms, pet odors have their own set of interesting searches to find solutions.  The top search for this year is hamster odor remover.  Followed by bird odor and snake and reptile odor elimination.  The ones that are searching for a cure in always interesting.  Getting smells out of something or some pet in a top search term.

 For more information visit the following web sites:

Innofresh Pet Odor absorbers.   they have a full pet listing page


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Forever Litter trays add Pet Odor absorbers

Here is a new litter tray product link that also sings the praises of Innofresh Pet odor absorbers:


Odor Control Tips

Let me begin by giving credit where credit is due. Virtually everything I’ve learned about controlling litter box order was obtained from people sharing information at Litter box Central ( ). My notes here are for the most part simply a condensation from that source.

Here are several factors that contribute to litter box odor — and probably the largest single component is what goes in to your cat. The right cat food can make a huge difference between a miserably stinky environment and one that’s odor free. (Please take a few moments to read the Scoop Free section at Litter box Central for more on this topic).

Choice of Litter

The second biggest variable is in your choice of litter (see Recommended Litter).  After a lot of testing (totally by myself and friends, using our own noses) I’ve come to the conclusion that for the most part, the Fresh Step crystals work the best for me.  I emphasize for me, as some people may have problems with the scent used in this litter, etc.  But generally I’ve found this to be the best choice, with the highest odor-absorbing capability.

Activated Charcoal Odor Absorbers

Being the incessantly curious person that I am, I noticed that many of the litter companies have started advertising heavily around activated charcoal in their products. After some searching (and further experimentation), I found a pretty darned amazing product — Innofresh. I spent some time talking with them on the phone to learn more about their odor absorbers to learn as much as I could — but the real proof was when my wife noticed a significant further reduction in odors after I’d had a unit in my Scoop Free for a couple of days.

Now thatwas the critical test.  Pretty impressive.

I keep one stuck under the purple lid. It simply clips to one of the “vanes” that hold the magnet, and lasts about 3 months. I was so impressed I signed on as a product distributor, and now carry them here in a 4 pack for $14.00.  (It doesn’t make sense with shipping and all to just order one).

Here’s the info from Innofresh:

Innofresh™ PET Fragrance Free odor absorbers utilizes our patented activated carbon technology to eliminate odors and is completely fragrance free. No worry about irritating or harmful fragrances for your pets or yourself. Fragrances just cover up odors while Innofresh™ PET odor absorber traps and eliminates those lingering odors from your pets.

Our activated carbon odor absorbers work effectively against those tough litter box odors, as well as in areas where gerbils, pet mice, hermit crabs, ferrets or other small animals are kept. Just clip our odor absorber on to your cat litter box or even outside small animal cages to eliminate odors safely and effectively and without chemicals, gels, powders or sprays. Built in clip securely fastens to most litter boxes, and cages. Don’t settle for litter that claims to control odors. Eliminate them with Innofresh™ Pet activated carbon odor absorbers.

To view the Foever litter tray click here:  Forever Litter Tray® (permanent replacement for Scoop Free® disposable cartridges)


Internet Special – Save 10% on your favorite odor absorbers and get your home ready for the Holidays!

Use promotion code BK526 at check-out and receive a 10% discount off your purchase price (before taxes and shipping and processing)! Hurry and order now in time for the Holidays.

Orders placed on or before December 17 will ship by Priority United States Postal Service and should arrive no later than December 24. (Continental U.S.) Limited time offer applies to orders placed on-line at Offer expires December 18, 2008 

Fridge-It Gets YOU Ready For Holiday Visitors!

Get Ready For The Holidays with Innofresh and give your favorite odor absorbers away as stocking stuffers and small gifts too.
Spruce up your home for Holiday visitors by eliminating lingering odors from pets, parties and holiday meals with our fragrance free activated carbon odor absorbers.

Fridge-It Odor absorber
– ideal for the extra help needed over the holidays throughout your kitchen including refrigerator, freezer, under sink, near trash and kitchen cabinets. Great stocking stuffer.

Innofresh Pet Odor Absorber – avoid having cat litter box odor or small animal cage odor ruin the holidays. Just clip these fragrance free odor eliminators onto the litter box or small animal cage. Your pet will love this gift.

For more great gift ideas – Don’t forget also Innofresh AUTO odor eliminator for cars and eliminate smoke, food spills and pet odors in your car.

For the athlete in the family, try our Footwear/Sport odor absorber for closets, footwear, gym bags and storage during and after the holidays.

Happy Holidays From all of us at Innofresh!

Innofresh Products, Inc.
PO Box 9921 Phoenix, AZ 85068

What are the best ways for pet odor control?  Cat, Hamster, bird or snake, they are loved and with that love comes odor.

How to get rid of pet odor in the air has been a big issues around the house these days.  I have done some research on the subject and are the areas to look for to get rid of pet odors.

Pet odors have a variety of smells and different challenges when it come to clearing the air of odor in your house or if you put your pet in the car or carrier.

I first look to determine the source of the odor problem. Finding out what is causing the odor.  Is the odor in a specific area or is it general overall bad smell in the room.   Does the odor confined to a litter box?  If it does you have litter box odor, which is very easy to fix with an odor absorber and change of the litter tray granules .

Look in their cage or where the pet lives and where do they go to the bathroom.  This includes the carpet, floor or favorite corners. Pets will use a carpet or rug at their bathroom area, so you will need to  clean regularly in those areas.  This is the first place to gain control of your odor problem.

 The amount of odor you will have will also depend on how many pets you own. One dog has a very different in the odor level than many dogs.  Does the dog live inside or out?  The same is true for one cat compared to five cats.  Inside cat or an outside cat. Cat odor will multiply with the number of animals.

Look for pet dander, length of fur, saliva,  animal markings that will all magnify and add to your pet odor problem.  The best solutions to get the odor our of the air is to use a naturally activated charcoal odor absorber for absorbing the odors and occasional smells.

Figure out if the problem is an odor or a smell?  An odor that comes from specific pet area like from urine, poop or the materials such as a litter box or papers on the floor or in the cage will need to be cleaned, then washed and  materials removed, before you can get effective odor absorption with an odor absorber.

Check to see of the animal use your carpet of furniture as the place to go to the bathroom? Odors will often happen when the pet gets up on your furniture or uses your drapes to rub up against.  All of these normal pet activities will keep your pet smells and odor level high.

Odors on the other hand will continue to annoy your nose and eyes when you are in the house or car. If you cannot get use to a specific odor or smell the longer you are in the room, then it is not a smell it is an odor.  Odor needs to be eliminated, so check under the beds,  sniff out the furniture, since your pet may have left you a “present” that you need to clean up. After you checked for “presents”, determine if it may be something else like a dead mouse in the wall or it could be more serious such as a mold issue in the wall.

A smell may at first be noticeable and will fade as you are in the room longer and get use to the room smell.  When the smell is noticeable when you enter the house, then not as time goes on it needs an odor absorber to absorber the smells.  It is most likely a fur or the carpet smell of the animal.

If the animal sleeps in bed with you and you have odor, your bed linens and pads need to be washed.  When a mattress has been pet stained, you will need to replace the mattress.  When the animal get up on your furniture, use a fabric odor remover or an odor absorber like Innofresh will do the job.

I prefer the Naturally activated charcoal odor absorber, such as Fridge It or Innofresh Odor Eliminators to have Pet odors absorber.

Different types of pets need differnt odor elimination. Dog odor must use different odor treatment than a cat.  For any pet such as a cat or reptiles such as snake, or mice or gerbils it will need to be non toxic.  Birds and fish require yet another type of treatment for outside the cage or tank area odor absorber.  Be sure to also look for one that is fragrance free, and is a non toxic odor absorber to the pet.  Dogs try to eat the odor absorbers so it is not recommended for dogs, unless you can keep it out of their reach.

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